Katherine Tilley Burns


Reentry Coordinator

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

Department of Corrections

Jacksonville Reentry Center


Katherine Burns has an eclectic employment background; the common thread has always been addressing the issues faced by mankind through human service endeavors.


Ms Burns has been appointed as the Coordinator for the Jacksonville Reentry Center (Portal of Entry).  Prior to her appointment she spent three years as the Central Florida Regional Coordinator for Prison Fellowship; one year as the staff coordinator of the Local Prison Reentry Committee for the Governor’s Ex-Offender Task Force. She has been employed by the Florida Department of Corrections as a job developer for the Project Reconnect project as well as the manager for the Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative.


As the Coordinator of Probationer’s Educational Growth in Palm Beach County Ms. Burns addressed educational discrepancies of the offender population as well as writen and managed Department of Education Corrections Education Grants and Byrne Grants. These grants provided academic staff, case managers as well as job developers.


Ms Burns partnered with the Florida Department of Corrections and Workforce Alliance to pilot a Cable Lineman training program for clients that were on probation and subsequently had the training piloted at a youthful offender facility.


She has managed Senior Centers and been an Executive Director of a United Way.


Ms Burns has been married for thirty seven years, is the mother of five and has eight grandchildren


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