Lisa Manns


Lisa Manns is an advocate for people and families living with, discriminated against, and stigmatized with HIV/AIDS. Her personal and professional journey working with this population started in the early 1990’s after her brother’s diagnosis and subsequent death from HIV/AIDS. It was then that Lisa found her passion for the advocacy of all people living with this disease.


Lisa Manns worked as an Administrative Assistant and Legal Secretary for 11 years upon finishing High School in New York. Her professional focus changed after her brother’s death and her first experience with the HIV/AIDS population came when Lisa volunteered for one year at GMHC (Gay Mens Health Crisis) in 1994 and learned about the issues and concerns of HIV/AIDS.  She strengthened her knowledge base by completing HIV/AIDS education, testing and counseling classes at the Health Department in New York. She went on to work as a Case Manager Technician (CMT) at the Housing Works; working with clients that were dually diagnosed and homeless with children. Through hard work and dedication, Lisa promoted up to Case Manager for the Scatter Site Project which provided case management services for families living in the communities with children. Much of her work placed her in close contact with the Legal Department on Permanency Planning for the children.


Upon relocation to Florida, Lisa worked at the Broward House in the Housing Program and the Department of Health, HIV/AIDS Program, Jail Release Linkage Project.  For the past 6 years, she has focused her attention and dedication to working with the incarcerated HIV/AIDS population in Broward County Jails and State Prisons.


Lisa is active in several Re-Entry committees including: Broward County Re-Entry Coalition, HIV/AIDS Reentry Committee Miami/Dade, South Florida AIDS Network in Broward County, and Re-Entry Task Force stemming from the United States Attorney’s Office. In addition, she is a spokesperson for the Environmental Committee that specializes with the housing crises in Miami/Dade and coordinating all Reentry Fairs within the Florida State Prisons in Region IV.


Currently, she is continuing her education with a focus on Social Work and minor in Criminal Justice.

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