Wayne E. Rawlins

Wayne E. Rawlins, specializes in community economic development, ex-prisoner reentry, gang reduction, organizational planning and development, and coalition building. As a technical assistance provider and facilitator, Rawlins has assisted hundreds of communities nationwide to develop and implement successful community revitalization and public safety strategies.


During his tenure as the executive director for Miami's Weed and Seed (1997 – 2002), Rawlins received national acclaim and was honored with the Director's Award from both the U.S. Department of Justice/Executive Office for Weed and Seed and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.


Former President Bill Clinton appointed Rawlins as a facilitator for the White House Conference on Community Empowerment and, in April 2005, Florida Governor Jeb Bush appointed Rawlins to serve on the Governor's Ex-Offender Task Force.


Rawlins currently serves as the lead executive consultant for Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) in the Southern District of Florida, assisting the United States Attorney's Office with gun crime reduction, anti-gang strategies, and the facilitation of the Miami-Dade Reentry Task Force, a nationally recognized award-winning PSN initiative. Rawlins is also the lead consultant for and developer of the Miami-Dade County Anti-Gang Strategy.


Rawlins' research articles on community economic development have been published internationally. Rawlins co-authored the widely used ex-offender reentry planning guide, "Planning for Reentry: The 2004 South Florida Reentry Summit" (Solomon, A., Dunworth, T. and Rawlins, W., 2006), published by the Urban Institute.


Rawlins holds a Masters of Science degree in Community Economic Development with a specialization in affordable housing.

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